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After Effect: Break Free


  1. The costume model stands in the corner, watching people walking around

  2. A blonde girl passed by and the model stole her hairstyle.

  3. A man in cowboy hat passed by and the model stole the hat

  4. A singing boy passed by and the model stole his boots

  5. An elegant lady walked through and the model stole her shawl

  6. A close-up to the model, and it suddenly has a face!

  7. It was deep at night, the model took its footsteps

  8. It sneaked to every corner of the floor, its movements became more and more quick and its body got more flexible.

  9. The model finally moved towards the gateway and want to went out.

  10. The guard found it, said:"Who the hell take this weird stuff here??"

  11. The guard violently carried the model and wanted to take it back

  12. On the way back, the model's face gradually losed expression, the hair, the hat, the boots, the shawl disappeared one by one.

  13. When being put on the original place— the quiet corner, the model was all the same as the normal one.

  14. The guard left. Everything was back to start.

  15. back and silence.

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This is made by mung beans and line drawing. It describes the adventure of a mung bean and finally get swallowed.

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