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week 4: Documentation


  • This week I began to learn loop and function.

  • I tried to make some generative arts, which is one of my most interested coding fields. It seems amazing, but it is really hard to create some new pattern. After a few hours of digging out my brain, I cannot even think of a beautiful image that I can create by p5. I feel that I have to do some reading about math. I know there must be a lot of treasure hidden in math equals which is neat and real beauty.

  • However, that is almost future things. For homework this week, I have to do something based on what I've got—the examples: 10PRINT(

  • I begin to have some experiments on the given code(change some poor numbers and details), and have some prototypes which is kind of interesting but not good enough to convince myself.

  • Such as below,





Purple Ocean

purple ocean.png
  • I think these sketches all have some potentials and maybe I will improve them one day.

  • Finally I find myself prefer dynamic graphics and start to make my efforts on another example. At a particular moment I got my inspiration by looking at the view outside my window. And here it is my best work today!

Night of Manhattan

  • The lines randomly generated by two direction braise together to form a scene of Manhattan, an area full of sky-height buildings. the sight keeps moving to create a illusion that the audience are fly above the city.

Night of Manhattan.gif

  • I also attempted to add some beautiful twinkle stars on the screen to create an bustling atmosphere, but not succeeded yet.

Final Version

Final Version

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