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Pcomp Project 3/ Hypercinema Project 3

Team Members: Xiao Tan, MK Skitka, Lynn Bai

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Drifting Bottle is an exploration game that the player will take a drifting bottle’s perspective in the middle of an ocean. The bottle will drift through the wave in days and nights and encounter various weather conditions. The player can grab the glass bottle that we provide in the real world and perform different interactions, like shaking, tilting, and circulating. The results of these interactions are changing wave intensity, sea level, lighting, weather, and the orientation of the bottle itself. 

#Unity #Arduino #Fabrication


1. water level sensor

At first, we tried to use water level sensor to measure different interaction with a bottle. By pouring water into a bottle with such a  sensor, the sea level in Unity will simultaneously change. However, it can only detect the water level at a specific point, without telling the differences of shaking and adding water.

2. gyroscope

To detect the tilting and shaking, we found that gyroscoope set in Arduino nano can help, which is more efficient and accurate than using a water level sensor. We tried to use tilting angle to control time.

3. senerio in Unity

The scene we built has a weather system. We can control the weather in the scene, such as raining, storming, snowing, etc. Time of a day can also be controlled.


After the exploration of some technical feasibility and re-ideation, we updated the concept of drifting bottle. There are two directions of building the game: having a goal of traveling along the ocean, or, focusing on the experience on the way. At first, we designed the drifting bottle to be opened after reaching to an island.  Aftter brainstormed about the user interaction with the real bottle, we find it can be a juicy part. So we desided to figure out more playful interaction with the bottle to control elements in Unity.




This installation will mimic a drifting bottle. It drifts over sea surface so it can be moved up and down, rotated and rocked. In this case, we use some spring inside the box to support the bottle. Besides, we designed the coverings looks like wave.



Sand, springs, acralic, Arduino nano 33, wood and starfish.


Fabrication Outcome


Final Work

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